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Some Never Really Get Quality and Creativity.

We did clothing. National Zoo liked us. We did more clothing. Nike stole from us. We stopped doing clothing. Found out my brother does poetry. Found out I do poetry. We did music instead. Found out fans wanted clothing. We did more clothing . . . so you could wear our music.

Founders and co-directors, eyespk and L.A.S.T.O.N.E. expounded upon their artistic prowess from the visual arts into a musical awakening. The “Super Barrio Brothers” ventured across the world in search of “Sound Thought”. In order to achieve the entirety of the vision; they began exploring different forms of art and self-expression . . . and thus, the coalition of creatives, known as Some Never Really Get, was born.

Some Never Really Get [___] #FEELintheBLANK idea is an open-ended statement that encourages everyone to become an active participant in our world. FEEL in the BLANK, finish YOUR statement; and make sure the world feels what Some Never Really Get about YOU.

Every piece of our art is an extension of our story... Just like the video game, the Super Barrio Bros., look to conquer new worlds while saving a princess in the process. The quest itself is it's own reward, but we work hard to find creative ways to make coins appear. We create music to move you, and develop the designs that spark conversations. oh.hi

Email and get familiar with the Get Familia(R)